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Kinda amused, kinda thinking

BBK - as she sat down to dinner - holds out my clean bra that was lying on the back of her chair and said "Mommy! Here's your boob thing." LOL


I've been the queen of clean today. I cleaned up my porch by putting all the stuff into the garage that I've been meaning to put there.

Then I came inside and so far I've folded 3 baskets of laundry and helped kids put their clothes away. Mine remain touched but not taken care of but it will happen.

I just brought a fresh from the dryer load up and then took my shower.

I also did a load for baby. The new baby coming that is my Lil Sis's baby due 12/8.

I'm excited. My whole family is excited. If its the girl its supposed to be then she will not want for clothing between myself and Aunt Bug.

Me with the oldest granddaughter and Aunt Bug with two girls.

Got me to wondering where I did with most of my baby stuff. Like my bassinett. Where'd it go? I have no clue therefore I must have given it away to someone who needed it more when I was done with it from BBK.

I gave Bug my exersauser that I purchased for BBK. BBK hated the thing so it was hardly touched when I handed it off. Bean used it and Sammy Sam loves it. Those darn red heads are so adorable.

C's went a long time ago and again to who knows where.

I gave BBK's Johnny Jump up to writanya I THINK - tho I could be wrong. BBK LOVED that thing.

I think it was more freedom for her to move around in than the exersauser.

I've passed the girl clothing along to Bug and to writanya as I could.

There are some things I want to hold on to. Just in case. Of what I don't know at all. LOL

So now I'm out of the shower, I must get dressed, and I must do more laundry.

Funny how that stuff gangs up on you.

On another note, the house is sided - YEA!!! Now instead of white with ugly blue trim and that green stained front, its light gray with white trim.

No more heart shapped vine basket on the porch either which will throw several people off.

So instead I just tell them now to look for the house between the ugly baby blue house and the house with the torn up front yard.

My mom says that I keep her guessing because first she could find me because the house just before mine had a fenced in front yard. Then when they tore that out she could look for the green stain and the vine basket.

Now she will learn to find me another way.

Now its time for me to get house numbers and put those up so that the police don't come knocking on my door again going "Excuse me, did you call the police? What's your house number?."

Rolls eyes. I think he had the wrong street. He SWORE he confirmed the address before knocking at the door. DH thinks he wanted the psycho neighbors next door.

The ones who last weekend woke me up screaming (drunk again) about how he knocked her head into the wall and how she attacked him first and she screamed if he left he should never come back and he screamed what makes her think he would want to.

I so should have called the police.

But I don't think they would have found the house if they can't even get an address right.


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Nov. 24th, 2003 06:23 am (UTC)
You have a house number??
I have always looked for the heart vines.
You had better get those foot tall numbers in a really bright colour.

I am going to be so confused!
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