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Crazy Friday

So I was able to get us in for our annual Christmas Picture with the Grandbabies at Sears.

I've emailed everyone (or should I say 'all the ladies'- cause guys just aren't the ooo'ing and aaaa'ing types) I have email addys for the pictures to view.

There are some cute pics, there was an aggravation moment - I hate getting "the new girl" because she does not know me, did not ask me what I wanted or did not want with regard to pics, and deleted one I wanted and kept one I was disgusted with. Had she been one of the older employees or the manager, things would have been fine. But I'm aggravated enough right now. I could cry again and spit nails and just kick some butt. Argh!!!

Then on the way to drop off kiddlings I get a call from sorcha999 that her doors are frozen shut on her car. Which tells me that KY was worse weather wise than OH - and once we were down there, yes it was.

So dropped off BBK. Went to CEC to check into (again) reservations for party. Turns out the reservationist I spoke with lied. She said that if I ordered a cake from them we could reserve tables. No, for $9.99 per child we could reserve tables.

Um, no.

So we will just show up with decorations, cake, and birthday girl and go from there.

I think our army can adaquately storm Chuck E Cheese and take over tables. Muwahahahahaha.

In between I called Vaz to let him know that we were not going to make it - despite wanting to come - because we were heading south w/C Man to his daddy.

And yes Vaz, my husband can be an airhead out of control sometimes. But I love him anyway. *cheesy grin*

As we drove south the snow, wind, etc. got worse and colder.

DH was driving - complaining about being tired - wow, I don't think I've ever heard my DH complain so much in my life.

When we left - we stopped in at the Subway to go potty - WOW, that's the cleanest and brightest Subway I've ever stepped into. We complimented the manager and she was very proud of her store.

Anyway, the snow was nice and accumulating on the ground.

Subway's manager said that she used to live in Ohio and that she finds that KY gets colder in the winter than Ohio does.

Apparently she has never lived in Cleveland or the Lake areas - I've heard stories that make me glad I live in southern Ohio.

As we drove north the snow got less and less and the roads became dryer and dryer.

There is some snow on the Corolla & van.

Otherwise, we are a bit warmer up here and the morning will tell if there is snow on the ground.

I hope Vaz had a good Angstgiving with friends - today (Friday) was an angst day for me and I would have fit right into the Angst - so as much said, I will end this rambling babble and maybe find the bed.

Nite All.



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