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Still semi sick

The meds DUCO gave me caused me stomach trauma. Then I talk to a couple of others who are also allergic to the same meds as me and they said that this med ALSO caused THEM massive stomach trauma. One to the point that she was in hosptial w/convulsions.

So I call DUCO. I'm told that the dr on call will want to see me. So after dropping off the man at school the girl & I head over. I sign in at 12:30. And I wait forever. At 1:35 I finally say something to a nurse about not having any time constraints when I came in but I had to leave @ 2 to pick up the man from school. I explained the situation yet a third time (x1 when I called, x2 when I got there) and she said she'd corner the doc between patients and see if she could get me a diff script.

So she does and I'm much appreciative. Unfortunately, what I have been prescribed, my body has become adjusted and immune to. So, now not only can I not take the original meds, I have now paid $30 for a med that my body is immune to.

Does this suck or what?

So I decided that since I'm no longer feeling the throat problem, it might just be safe to go ahead and take the med I'm immune to - hell, I paid good money for it - and hope that it helps the prior med in clearing up the strep.

But I'm still talking w/my fam doc at the next appointment in a week to let him in on what is up & see what can be done.

The most unfortuate part is that he's gonna be peeved @ me for not coming in to him to begin with. So I get to explain to him that his office emergency patient hours are 10:30 to 12 and my kids schedules do not vibe with these hours so my choices are A) Suffer or B) DUCO.

Otherwise this man is so overbooked it isn't even funny. The schedulers have to fight just to get me med check appointments for my anxiety meds. I'm currently squeezed in between a surgery and a hospital round visit for my next appointment.

And don't worry, I'm safe to be around, because I had med 1 in my system for longer than 48 hours (which is the time you have to be on meds before you are not contagious).

I also got a chastising from one of the man's school friend's moms about me not telling her because she would have taken and picked the man up for me this week. She said next time to call her.

What a sweetie!!!

DH liking his job muchly. Talked about many things tonight. I swear I have the best DH in the world. He rocks. Even when I'm so ticked off at him all seven of my evil heads are roaring and spitting and biting and cursing at once.

He says he's got me fooled. :p

BBK thinks that every day is now her birthday because we have done something for her everyday since her birthday. Oops - mamaw forgot her cake pans - ah well, not like I won't see mamaw soon.

Also, I've been so sick that I pushed the date yesterday (12/3) out of my mind. Its the date my nana died. I've been so sick that I just didn't think about it. Mom told me about talking w/Papaw who said he'd been sad all day. And I didn't even call him. Because I've been sick and didn't think about it. So now I'm feeling like a giant heel.

I hope he understands. I will call him Saturday. If I can get a moments breather between several things going on tomorrow I will do it then.

Wow, I'm vocal tonight. Much has gone on with me since last post.

Well, DH is about to fall over and is heading for bed and I'm looking for night cuddle time. Yes, its cuddle only, he's so darn tired. Welcome to the world I once inhabited my love!



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