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Stick a fork in me I'm done

I informed my husband yesterday that this is the last year we purchase any gifts for the adults.

He told me that he assumed that I had taken care of his family so he didn't worry about shopping for them.



Like I know his family well enough to know what to get them. Or what he wants to get them.

So we went to Kenwood Towne Centre to Crabtree & Evelyn for his Nana because she wanted a specific gift from there. His family is used to having money to just spend - we eat at the finest places and we get tickets for the best theatre events.

We haven't got this kind of cash people!

Then we went crazy trying to find a gift for his mom & dad. He picked up a drill for his mom the handywoman. Not that she has used her old drill in forever or anything - just in case she decides to use it someday she will have a new one that does not have a frayed cord that sparks.

Then he decided that he must have the Black & Decker Lids Off Electric Jar Opener for his dad. Tons of stores have these in their flyers this week and guess what! Not one store has one in stock nor do they expect to have it in before Christmas because this is a hot item this year.

Now, had he told me this is what he wanted LAST week, I would have suffered paying full price for it because last week the stores were more than stocked.

We even went to Traders World to see if by any chance any shop there had it. No luck.

In the end we ended up getting him this jar lid gripper thing and potato bake rods.

We spent up to and over $20 each for his family members.

Who in my family are getting gifts??? My mom and KK are all. I didn't even spend $10 on KK and I spent less than $20 on my mom.

How is that fair to my sister & her husband and my foster sister & her SO??? How is this fair to my bro in FL & his family and my bro here and his wife???

Its not.

So what does he say, well, you've still got some shopping time left to go purchase them something.


The point is, they can't afford to go buy us something, and we cannot afford to go buy them something. Because we are buying for his family.

Yes, his family is small, no, my family is not. His family has money. We don't.

So next year, its kids only. I told him not to get me anything this year even though I've already bought his.

See, I pay attention to what he says he wants or needs. So I have gotten him some things he has shown to me that he really wants.

I've shown him about a dozen things that I would LOVE to have. Do you think he paid any attention? Doubtful.

I want a certain purse. I showed it to him. Unfortuately, its like $200. We don't have that kind of money so I don't expect him to buy me that exact purse. We can't even find a knock off that resembles it.

He was going to get me a nice winter coat, but I needed one now and I found one at a good price and I called him and he told me to go ahead and pick it up. They no longer have any of that coat left in the store. If I'd have waited for him to get it, he would have waited until Wendesday of this week and not found it.

I want to call up his mom and tell her that with our money situation, and us intending on purchasing a house next year, that we will not be able to afford to buy for Christmas next year and if they want to do a name draw for us to draw a name to buy for, that's fine - but we are no longer getting every family member a gift because we are not getting every member of my family a gift.

I'm gonna tell her to not buy for me any more. But buy for the kids, because they don't know or understand and it wouldn't be fair to them.

At least the kids are taken care of. I see much more each day I want to get for them but I don't want to spoil them to the point they expect this every year. And with one birthday just past and another coming up, well, they have an opportunity unlike most children, to make out like bandits at this time of year.

done with this rant. for now.


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Dec. 22nd, 2003 10:36 am (UTC)
I all want for Christmas is
You and maybe Bs.

Go to a few movies and dinner
Dec. 22nd, 2003 11:03 am (UTC)
Re: I all want for Christmas is
If you can get away, let me know. RotK - here we come!!! O'Charley's for din? Or something around Union Centre Blvd?
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