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Good Time

It was a good time. A great time. Big fun. Dita says to me when the crowd started "Wooooo" ing a la Ric Flair - I think my IQ just reverted to high school. I laughed.

She says that we were definitely at the top of the food chain with many of the charachters we saw last night. And that was just the crowd.

RAW - it was an interesting event. She asked me what the deal was with Kane. Why the mask and the outfit. Beats me. That's an explaination I would have to ask Eddy Fate for.

But Kane. WOW - HUGE

He tag teamed with RVD. Then for the rest of the night whenever he and RVD came out to someone's rescue, RVD just seemed to land on Kane left and right. I swear the next time those two meet, Kane is going to stomp RVD into the ground.

When HHH came out in response to HBK (Sean Michaels of old, where are you?) and took off his sweat suit shirt - Dit's eyes popped out, her jaw dropped, and she almost fell outta her seat. I got a picture of her face. Priceless.

HHH. I could spread my arms wide and maybe begin to touch either side of him if his arms were hanging at his side.

We took pics. Lots of pics. Two and one half disposables full. I hope they turn out.

Booker T - what fun he was.

Ric Flair - I have always hated that man. Isn't he dead yet?

Before the opening of the entire show, they did a montage that showed all of the WWF wrestlers of old. Many matches I have seen on tv in my youth. Many I actually have on tape.

Bret Heart, Davy Boy Smith, Rowdy Roddy, Jake the Snake, Hill Billy Jim, The Russian and The Sheik, George "The Animal" Steele, Elizabeth, Macho Man, and the list goes on - including Andre - that is the one that brought tears to my eyes. Andre rocked, both on and off the big screen - whether it be acting in a movie or in the ring.

I cheered when I saw the wrestlers I loved showing up there in that montage.

Like I am so old. LOL

It was neat to watch. Snooka off the top rope. Rowdy Roddy hitting someone. Hulkster ripping off his shirt.

Speaking of ripping off a shirt. Jerico couldn't rip off his own shirt at the end. I was cracking up. When he finally got it torn off I was like, he will never be able to fight his way out of a paper bag if he cannot even rip off his own shirt!

Mr. Harvard decided to woo the crowd by blasting Pete Rose. Way to go Harvard.

THEN I get home and see him on Blind Date. How funny. Mr. Harvard, big bad azz, cannot even get a girlfriend on his own so he has to turn to Blind Date for help. ROTFLMFWAO

He plays such a whiner.

There was so much fun to be had.

There are new t-shirts out. Got hit by the merchandising bug. HAD to have the Kane long sleeved t-shirt that says Freak U Athletic Club and on the back it says Freak U Kane-N-Ites. Down the sleeve it says Big Freak'n Machine.

It is a way cool shirt. I told Bigstan that we could share it. He was like, yeah, right.

But, by the end of the night, we were screaming our fool heads off like I knew we would. Dita was flabbergasted at the crowd, at the wrestlers, at the whole thing in general. She could not believe that people acutally pay money to go see these shows.

I've been lucky. This is the second time I have seen one and both times I have not had to pay for my tickets.

In the words of Ric Flair whom I love so much (snicker) WOOOOOOOOO

I would do it again. Maybe next time I get to take Bigstan with me. I think he would like that.

And HE didn't think that I was a wrestling fan.


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(Deleted comment)
Nov. 13th, 2002 06:25 am (UTC)
Not Surprised
Kane certainly does not appear to be burnt at all. You could practically see through his costume at most of his body.

Mute? I was wondering why he does not speak. Though the fact that he kept picking people up by the throat - that was funny. It was the look on peoples faces when he did that that was the best.

I KNOW its not the Undertaker in the mask. Just doesn't look right physically to be him.

Kane rocked. I can see why you said to root for Kane.

RVD is cheesy. But he was fun to root for too.

But I'm still reeling over the size of HHH. WOW - eyes popping out of head. BIG man.
Nov. 12th, 2002 08:31 am (UTC)
I cant believe these guys
I can't believe how BIG this guys were!

And How in this world, can they hit each other with chairs, ladders and tables there be no blood? They broke a freaking table with people on it! Since when did wrestling involve chairs and trying to kill each other.

Someone hit me with a chair, I'd be bleeding. I'd be pissed and bleeding.

And don't forget the sheep! So Harvard couldn't get a date? Imagine trying to fit him and his ego in the same car with a camera crew.

We did have fun on the radio this morning. Sorry Rachel for making you laugh so hard you almost wreck your car. Oooppps.

It was worth it being able to talk to you without the phone ringing, kids, husband and boyfriend driving us crazy.

Nov. 13th, 2002 06:32 am (UTC)
Re: I cant believe these guys
I would think the answer to the no blood thing is that they had not cut themselves prior to the match to cause themselves to bleed. Though I would not be surprised at all to learn that later there were some broken, if not severely bruised, rib cages, legs, elbows, etc.

Why do you think these guys are so big? They have to be to take that kind of pounding.

Even the little guys who we saw practically crushed on that table. They have to be in incredible shape.

To answer your question on when wrestling invovled chairs, etc., and an attempt to kill each other - that has slowly evolved over time. It has gotten more and more popular. You saw how wild it drove the crowd.

BUT - we need to go back to ancient Roman and Greek times to see that back then, they did even worse.

So we are reverting.

Yes, our personal IQs are higher than some of those out there in the crowd that we viewed. And quite possibly some of the wrestlers too.

You also stated that you did not know who was smarter, the crowd or the wrestlers. I'd say the wrestlers. Most of the crowd still has not crawled out of the immordial ooze.

Did I spell / say that right??

Besides, the wrestlers get paid the big bucks. The crowd spends it to go see them.

Thank goodness our tickets were free. Being free is what makes it all worth it.

Radio, Rachel wreck, okay, have to admit, fun. Poor Rach.
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