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Merry Christmas to ALL!!!!

Okay, so that's tomorrow, but tomorrow we will all be one place or another with respective family or friends or extended family or both. So I thought I'd get it in early.

During this season, many people are going through some rough patches. A friend of mine is coming to the realization that all she is to her husband is Mommy Warbucks. That is all she has ever been.

I was out today and she left me a message of holiday greetings. But the sound of her voice showed the depression she is feeling into the depths of herself right now. I'm sorry I was not here to talk to her and comfort her. I only hope to be able to catch up with her very soon.

My DH is very moody. He hates this time of year because of what he endured as the son of not one but TWO ministers growing up. Yep, a double preacher's kid.

Myself, I LOVE Christmas. I love the shopping, the gift giving, the present wrapping and the presentation of the gifts before they are ripped into.

I have many wonderful memories of decorating the tree, filling it underneath with presents. I have memories of my mom listening to Christmas albums - that's vinyl to you younger whippersnappers who don't know what vinyl albums are and have only seen them in vintage shops or at flea markets or heard rumors of their existance.

I have memories of my Nana making her fudge and her chocolate covered pretzels and her buckeyes. NUMMMMMYYYYY.

I have memories of getting a cookie tin full of my Aunt Loretta's pull candy. If only I could fine the recipe for that. I'm sure mom has it somewhere in Nana's recipe boxes. Most people don't know what pull candy is and only people from KY would even know what I am talking about anyway. I think its a KY only candy. It melts in your mouth and has a taste like no other and I cannot describe it except to say its the most wonderful candy you will ever taste in your life.

Though this is a hectic time of year. Every other year I have my children for Christmas Eve and same for Christmas Day. This is my year to have them Christmas Day. So I had to scramble last night to get them to male parental units. Except I had DH drive cause I was in a frazzle and tired and didn't want to deal with rush hour and stupid people on the road. See my rant of people not knowing how to drive in this weather and the idiots w/SUVs or pick up trucks and their 'tudes.

I get them back late tonight. One dad got the day off because of this and the other has to work but only from like 12:30 to 4 or something like that so he has a sitter for her while he is gone.

I hope that she sees that daddy has to work too and can't be with her all of the time and stop the world for her like she sees him do the rest of the time. Of course this is only one day and not every day like she is used to with me when I worked. I hope she throws a fit when he leaves and stays like that the entire time he is gone. >:-)

I have some wrapping left to do. Not much. I just need to put things into gift bags.

I went to Dollar Tree today to find gift bags but they were decimated. I did pick up a couple of decorations though and those are out.

Then I went to KB and picked up Play Doh. Each kiddling is getting 8 things of Play Doh. I looked at sets for them but realized that they are really more interested in their Fun Factories and using cookie cutters and rollers on it than trying to really make anything out of it.

Then I went to lunch at Sonic. Bill Bill is so very generous to me. I got a cheeseburger & blended root beer float on his dime. Yay!

Then I went to Family Dollar and I picked up $25 worth of gift bags. You must realize that they are like $1 a piece so I got a lot of gift bags. Why so many you ask? Because people don't return them and I'm a gift bag kind of person.

UGH - just got the mail, found that I'm being billed for a visit that I've already paid for, unfortuantely I cannot find the receipt - isn't this lovely? Christmas Eve and I'm destroying my home and my stuff looking for a receipt for a lousy $2 payment I made that this place is not acknowledging. I left a VM for the billing person asking that she check through the receipt book again because I pay every time. That's the first thing I do is pay.

Of course it would be just my luck that that's the one receipt I threw out. I have all of the others. ARGH!

Well, I now return you to my regular blabber...

Where was I going? I don't know. I'm just blathering on like my usual self, blah blah blah.

Now I'm in a tizzy over this stupid thing and I need to go calm down. This is not the place for my rant over that.

Merry Christmas all. Joyeux Noel mes amies.



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