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The last two days

have been interesting to say the least.

Christmas with the in-laws (mine) was put on hold as Nana has viral bronchitis. She is highly contagious. This is a big no-no for my bunch and we said we would try this again next week.

So Christmas was moved to my mom's. This made Mamaw VERY happy, but sad that Nana is sick.

Papaw was tickled pink that we made it to dinner and were able to stay and celebrate there.

Everything was just a normal family Christmas with the clan. Enjoyed AJ's new wee one. Payge was absolutely adorable and will be a holy terror just like the rest of them when she gets big enough to chase after them.

Gift giving or passing out I should really say - was racous and KK had no rhyme or reason as she just randomly went around the tree pulling them out.

She accidently gave Papaw baby Brian's gift and Papaw opened it and said "I've never worn shorts in my life." LOL So that gift had to be re-wrapped. Opps.

Then the kids enjoyed a round of jumping on Mamaw's bed wherein BBK promptly wedged herself between the footboard and the mattress & box spring. She wasn't hurt, but it was very funny.

As the evening wrapped up with us adult children taking our respective heathens and trickling out the door, I was carrying an armload of booty to the van. BIL comes out and opens the van door for me and says "Who's kitten?" I, not looking, said "Oh, its Mamaw's, she has a calico cat running around that stays outside." BIL looks confused and said to me "No, this is a gray kitten on the porch." So I go look, and DH comes out to look. And sure enough there is this tiny gray kitten on the porch with this giant flea collar on it.

BIL is terribly allergic to cats so he can't go near it.

We took it some turkey and it gulped it down. DH thought it would go crazy if he took the turkey away but it didn't. We stood outside holding the kitten for a very long time talking.

We checked the sex. Female.

Ears too big for her head - which is normal for a kitten. I thought she was much too thin but DH said he thought she was just right for a kitten. He said he thought she was probably just weened.

She is absolutely beautiful. And hearts which could normally be hardened to the plight of an animal that was unwanted melted away and we discussed keeping her.

How to introduce her into a home with an alpha male (and domineering male) cat; what she may have so as to not give him anything; vet bills; what to do with her for the night because we could not bring her into the house until a vet saw her and told us what she had or didn't have; etc.

She went into Mamaw's back room with a heater and the overhead light kept on and a soft towel to sleep on with a bowl of water.

Mamaw said she woke up at 5 a.m. to a loud noise and she went looking and it wasn't until my Papaw called and woke her up at 8 that she realized there was a kitten on her back porch. She knew this of course but just forgot about it.

She fed her more turkey and kitten hid in the bookshelf behind some pans Mamaw had stored out there.

I called a vet this AM that I am fimiliar with - I've never taken a pet to him before but a close friend of mine uses him for all of her pets. We got a quick appointment and they asked for the name of the pet.

Now, DH and I had discussed names when we had our pow wow about her. Ice Cicle and Isis were bantered about but we know that someone has an Isis already and Ice Cicle just didn't seem to fit - even though she came to us on Christmas and is an awesome shade of gray - and then keeping with the tradition of having a Norse god named cat running the house we came upon Freya. And as that is one of the spellings for the name, it was just easier to spell it that way otherwise she would have been called everything but with people trying to pronounce the J instead of making it a YA sound.

Noel doesn't work either as that's BBK's middle name. And often I call her that instead of her first name. Mostly when I'm vexed at her.

I told the girl Freya and spelled it for her and away we went to pick her up at Mamaw's house.

Mamaw was volunteered to keep the kiddlings while we took Freya to the dr. We went into the back porch and could not find her. Since she was last seen in the bookshelf, I stuck my hand in and felt fur. I pulled pans out and kitten at the same time.

We wrapped her up in a towel we brought and I carried her in my lap all the way.

We got in quickly to see the dr. After much checking her over, and the convenient gift of a fecal sample for the dr. to check out, he said she appeared to be a 8-9 week old kitten.

We explained how we got her, we explained about having Loki. Now Loki gets an appointment to see the dr., after dr. pronounces Freya can get around Loki. But I get ahead of myself.

Dr. says she has ear mites, a worm, intestinal bacteria, and fleas. The collar was doing no good so he cut it off.

Dr. put on this stuff that will take care of all of these yet he also gave us oral antibiotics and ear stuff for the mites.

He said that her gums were white and this was a very bad thing and that she was underweight (only one pound + oz) and dehydrated. He also said her body temp was below what it should be so we were and are doing everything we can to keep her warm.

It appeared that someone made very little effort to care for her.

That did it for me, I said forget looking for her home, her home was with us now.

She needs a bath but the dr said not yet due to body temp. He also did not administer shots today because of the above. SHe also has this recurring eye gunk thing. But the antibiotics should take care of that.

So now she is in the bathroom, sequestered away from Loki - though we have let him sniff her presence and see her without getting near her.

The kids are very happy to have a kitten.

Our next vet appointment for her is next Wednesday.

We are happy to have Freya with us. If we can get her healthy, and keep her alive, she will be a gray female version of Loki as her hair is just like his.

She will be spayed when she is old enough.

She has already shown us that she knows what the litter box is for.

I set up a child gate in the bathroom just far enough in so that we can open and close the door without fear of hitting her and hurting her.

I know she is lonely in there and I feel badly that I cannot bring her out and about in the house and cuddle her. But I keep telling myself in time I will.

Of course Loki is in need of much love and reassurance that he is still #1 and alpha.

I don't know how he is going to treat a kitten. Probably the way he treats the kids. He tolerates them and lets them pet him as long as they don't chase after him and as long as they don't make sudden moves around him or hang on him. Any of this and he attacks until they get away from him.

Rules have been set and the kids said that some of them are the same rules we have for Loki so I said that they shouldn't have trouble remembering those rules then.

Keep fingers crossed that we keep Freya for a very long time and that Loki will continue to be Loki and not too overly jealous of her, if he even decides to acknowledge her presence.

Loki hissed once, did a small growl, but no ears back and no menace was apparent in either. It seemed to be more of a "I'm king around here little missy and don't anyone forget it!"

He is used to a housefull of cats, but for the last year + has been solo. I'm hoping the fact that he is now an indoor/outdoor cat will also help us out in the kitten area.

DH said that the fact that Freya is female is one good thing going for her with Loki.

So that has been my last two days.



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