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Loving You

copyright 2002

I remember a time when we could not get enough of each others lips.
We kissed and kissed and kissed.

I remember hearing shouts of "get a room" as we gazed longingly into each
others eyes.

And the way you held my face in your hands.

I still love to touch you. Caress your face. Your beautiful face.

The sound of your voice, the way you say "Hey You", is music to my

I love your hugs. I like how tightly you squeeze me. Just right.

I love the feel of your hand as it holds mine, the way our fingers

I love the smell of you. Your scent. I smile when I wear your shirts
to bed and smell your scent on them. I wrap my arms around myself and
reflect for a moment. Think of you.

I love to touch your body. Secretly, I love to imagine what we look
like as we make love when we make love. And when I get the chance, I look at
our bodies as we are one and it makes me that much more sensitive and you
become more seductive to me.

I love our love talk to each other as we make love. It is sensual,
warm, heartfelt, exciting.

There are nights I go to sleep and pretend that you are lying there
beside me. I snuggle into an invisible you, knowing that soon I will be doing
this for real.

My week can go by all the happier knowing that I will see you on

The weekends are never long enough.

My spirit was lifted on Sunday as we walked hand in hand into
McDonald's and the children skipped happily in front of us. My heart soared as that
is how it is supposed to be. To me, it was a beautiful sight to behold.

Words. I can keep on writing words and words and words. Yet I will
never find the right ones to express my thoughts, my inner feelings, my
heart, my love.

My happiness.

It is my children, it is you. The three of you are my family. And
someday there will be another. With you.

I look forward to the time I can kiss you again. I love to watch us as
we kiss. Our kiss, each one is special, meaningful.

I look forward to gazing longingly into your eyes. To touch your
beautiful face. To hold your hand. To snuggle into you. To smell you. To make
love to you.

I love you.



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