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I am happy to have this LJ. So that I may rant and rave or just post nonsense. I write more here than I would in a regular journal. Though this LJ is not as permanent as a regular journal. It can be erased, wiped out, go *poof* if I wanted it to.

There are days I have nothing to say and ramble such as I am currently. But I just felt a need to write today. Even if most of it is rambling and about the new kitten.

Freya is up and coming and totally beautiful. It is definitely a shock though when I come from being with her to being with the FALK. He is huge next to her.

At first, the cat who cannot stand to be shut out of even the closet, didn't bother the bathroom door. Perhaps he could smell that Freya was ill. But as of today, he is clammering to get in there where she is at. Not so much because she is in there, but because she has taken his watering hole away from him (Loki drinks from the tub faucet or the toilet - yuck).

She has eaten over and above what the dr. thought she would and I had to go for more food for her to make sure we had enough to get her through until her appointment on Wed.

She sees me coming at her with the ear treatment for the mites & the ear infection and she flattens her ears. It doesn't hurt her, she just doesn't like it. I don't blame her one bit.

I'm making sure to give Loki lots of lovins too so that he doesn't feel neglected.

I talk so much about my cat(s). They are like my kiddlings.

I love my kiddlings so much. Their observations on things are very funny.

Like the fact that my daughter noticed that I have pubic hair and said something to me about it. "Mommy, you got hair on your pee pee." Faint. Sigh. OMG. The nut.

I said, "Yes, and some day you will too." I don't even want to think about that time yet. TOO SOON! TOO SOON!

Though I expect with her rate of growth she will be blooming by the time she is nine. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

For sure she will be the tallest child in her kindergarten class when she starts kindergarten. She is the tallest child in her preschool class.

Then my son cutting his own hair. He's going to be 6, you'd think he'd know better. But no, he cut a small chunk out of his hair. His head will be cold this winter because now we have to buzz it to get the hair even. Yes, he will be wearing a hat. What kind of mother do you take me for? Not THAT kind I assure you.

I went out with PK today and she gave me 3 cans of paint. Two for the garage and one for the inside. That is so great. That will save us money. Now I need a trim paint for the garage and I will need to see how far this one gallon takes me in the house. But at least I know where to go to get more and I have the paint can to take with me to have it mixed properly.

I wish I were writing more. But I'm not good on character development. I get a concept and characters in my head, but getting them out on paper is difficult. I am more the poet than the writer. Because of this I just give up and don't go with what I feel inside of me.

I have to go soon. Time to get my kiddlings. I get excited about getting them because they are coming home with me. Yes, they can exasperate me, but I wouldn't have them any other way.



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