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Is this the last update of 2003???

Hummmm - could BE. ;)

Kitten - got clean bill of health and shots. Due to shots she cannot be intro'd to the FALK for 3 more days. I've handled her enough that her scent has been on my clothes and he has seen her so you'd think he already knows what's coming next.

CJM - His best friend is moving out of state permanently as of this weekend. Its not a sudden move, however, they had toyed with staying until the end of the school year and decided to move now. They are going to TX where she is from and moving close to her family. So tonight - New Year's Eve - CJ is at his friend's house to spend this last bit of time with him before he is gone. He's spending the night. CJ is going to be very upset by this when he realizes it, even though I have talked to him about it. Heck, I've almost cried about it. But they will keep in touch. His mom is adament about that.

RNS - is with her mamaw tonight. She doesn't get to spend much time with her mamaw, because although mamaw does her best to refuse to admit who her favorite is, the only one she takes on a regular basis is CJM. Ms. NO (that should have been her middle name, I swear it!) is doing well in everything and I'm so proud of my big girl.

DH - likes his job. His hours are Sat-Tue and are 10 hour work days. With Monday night being a school night I will not see him at all probably, unless I wake up in the middle of the night and look at him sleeping next to me. :) He has a three day weekend, on Wed-Fri. But that is good for his school and for me with the kids. I'm happy to have him home.

Only thing is that leaves me open on the three weekends I don't have the kids. However, family will find a way to fill that time. Unless I can get my friends to rescue me. Hint Hint!

Wow, 2003 is almost gone. Where did it go??

As of January 7th DH & I will be married 7 months. We are still alive. ;)

This has been overall a good year. Very active and very interesting. I look forward to discovering 2004.

Happy New Year!



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