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Ta Da!

Let's see, the last two weeks have been no school for DH and CJM. However, RNS has had preschool so I have not had any chance to sleep in.

I'm pretty sure I've outlined the Christmas fiasco and how we ended up with Freya. Who is now out and about, large and in charge of the house while Loki is outside.

Loki is tolerating her. Until she gets close to him. Then he's hissin. He's actually charged her a few times but not in a fashion as to actually pounce on her to attack her. Just to scare her off. She's ran only to return in a few minutes.

She thinks this is a game.

DH works Sat-Tues 7-6 so he has had to be up at 5 a.m. to get ready for work. Poor baby. :) Welcome to the working world my darlin!

I actually do have empathy for him. I hate getting up before 9:30, but I do it to get kids where they need to be.

I used to do it to get to a job. But no longer and that is so nice. No, I'm not rubbing it in. I have great respect for people punching a clock.

I've toyed doing something extremely part time which would allow me to still be with the kids when I need to be.

I'm still thinking about it.

DH enjoys having 3 days off. To him it was strange last week. Then he had to get up at 5 a.m. Saturday morning and he was like MOAN.

RNS enjoyed spending the night with her mamaw. Mamaw said that they all woke up at 1 a.m. when fireworks were being set off.

CJ didn't end up staying with his buddy. Randie called me at midnight to tell me he wanted his blue blankie. So she came and picked it up. I also sent his care bear at that time. Then at 1 a.m. she called again to tell me he wanted to come home. So I went to pick him up. She tells me he wanted her to take him to Mamaw's house. She told him she didn't know where mamaw's house was and he told her it was right around the corner from us. I laughed hard at that one. The perception kids have of distance. Then I told him that mamaw was asleep and we were not waking her up. As I drove away he told me that he wanted to spend the night with Chance another time. I told him that was his last time as Chance was moving away and would be gone by Monday (today). He then started crying and wanted to go back to Chance. But I wasn't going to trouble Randie any longer so we just came on home.

I haven't heard from Randie since. She was supposed to call or come by on Friday but I figured that they were very busy packing and getting things ready to go. They are headed for TX. I don't envy them the drive. 2 cars, a houseload, and three kids.

Anyway, we went to dinner at O'Charley's on Wed & while we were sitting there DH said that we should have gone to Red Lobster. Fine time to tell me this after we've already ordered our drinks. Sigh.

We had invited lots of people over for New Year's Eve but in the end decided we didn't want a big crowd. So it just ended up being Shadow & Kace. That was wonderful. I'm so glad that they came. I always have fun when we are with them.

Its just too bad that we live so far apart!

Then we went to Stan's parents on New Year's Day to celebrate our Christmas.

We felt bad about not being able to hang out with Shadow & Kace longer.

So we had presents, food, and all the fun family stuff.

The kids and ourselves made out like bandits with DH's parents.

CJM & RNS keep coming home with presents from their dads houses. I need another toy like ... You fill in the blank.

We are also looking at houses. That means I have to get going to get this one ready for sale.

From here I now have to go purchase the stuff to start patching everything around here to get it ready to paint. I have a gallon of paint from PK that if I like it I can go buy more. Then she gave me two gallons for the garage. I only have to purchase trim paint there. Then she offered me another gallon that I didn't know what I'd do with but now I do and I've got to do some scraping there.

I so need to get busy. I think I may end up pulling in my mom and maybe even PK to help me out on this one. Because DH - as much as I love him - is not going to be any help.

We also have to find the $$ to fix the minivan. You'd think since his parents gave it to us in this condition that they would offer $$ to fix it. NOOOOO. Sigh. As I said, its got almost 200,000 miles on it, you'd expect it to have some problems now. Just it was FINE until they gave it to us. How con-VEN-ient. ;)

I think his mom thinks I've done something to it. No, I have not. Now I believe the heating element/core/whatever is going out in it because when I turn the heater on I smell pancake syrup. That sweet smell that the heating element, etc., gives off when its going out. When I told her this she lifted an eyebrow at me. *rolls eyes*

But this year has started out well. As I said before, I look forward to the adventure of discovering this new year and what it has in store for me and mine.



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