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So Long and Thanks For All The Fish!

Updating but leaving the original in tact at the end...

I'm mom of 3 beautiful children, I'm the wife of one incredible husband bigstan, I have three cats with unique personalities.

Loki is the oldest cat, alpha, male, black, and his name fits. He is the LOVE ME, LOVE ME NOW cat. You know he wants love from 10 feet away as he walks towards you purring as loud as he can.

Then there is Freya - La Petite Grey. She is mommy's cat, quiet, gentle, and loving on her terms. Her voice is as quiet as she is as is her purrr, but its there.

Finally we have Lorelei. A long haired torti (black calico). At one year she is as large as Loki and her hair is a giant poof. She is the fake out cat. She wants love on her terms but as soon as she is done she turns on you and starts biting. She doesn't bite hard enough to break the skin but just enough to let you know she is done. She is also a licker which is strange. Her purr is as strong as Loki's is.

I am room mom, I am chaperone, I am treasurer / outdoor chair / advancement chair for my oldest's cub scout troop. My daughter is in Brownie's. I have been and most likely will be in the future a soccer coach.

I write poetry when I can. I read when I can.

I am woman, I am Leo, I am Stan's Woman - HEAR ME ROAR!!! RARRRRRR!!!! meep

Well, originally I created this journal for my poetry. To showcase and display it and it alone. Then I started using this journal to post actual entries to that have nothing to do with my poetry. Sure, some of my poetry is on here, in the very beginning, and I might post more at a later date. If I feel like it.

Note: All poetry found herein, unless noted otherwise, is mine and cannot be used elsewhere without my express permission.

Disclaimer: This is my Live Journal. It is here for my own personal amusement. It is here for my own personal thoughts and rants. I am intentionally vague at times. I will be point blank at others. That is my perogative.

Sometimes I will even hide a rant on purpose.

If, in my vagueness, you believe you know who or what I am talking about - a safer assumption would be that you do not. Therefore, ask before you get froggy and flame.

In all else, remember, I am using this forum to get things out of my head, clear my thoughts and feelings, for a better understanding of the situation at hand.

If you are offended at what you THINK I have said or implied and thus flame me for it without talking directly to me first, it is a YP not an MP. I further reserve the right to either delete the flame, flame back, or completely ignore.

Also, icons - many thanks to ...

wastedfairy for MINE, LoTR Whining and VH Dracula
gazely for Snape Pure Blood and my crazy dancing lions that I love so now - thank you x3
fayted for taking the lovely pic of my hubby for me - very sexy man that man of mine

There are others - and I have credited them in the pic name / description - Mucho Thanks!

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My Wonderful Wee Ones...

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baby growth

Also, I've joined the following community which I expect to do much on! :-D

I LOVE this banner for mommy_rant because it represents not only mommy's but all women:

Because I'm such a fan girl - squeeeeeeee